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I am because you are, we are because they were

-for orchestra

-Commissioned by the HfMT Hamburg & the Hamburger Sinfoniker

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Gelobt sei der Horizont!

-for solo violin

-Commissioned by the Tonali(17) festival

(score/recording/premier coming soon)



-for solo violin

-Commissioned by James McFadden-Talbot

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Memory Fragments II (trying to sing)

-for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano

-written for Trio Catch

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The Empty City Stratagem

-for Chinese Folk Singer (or tenor) and large orchestra

-Commissioned by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra & the Shanghai Conservatory of Music-

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Memory Fragments (Wir sind noch nicht zu Spät)

-for violin, piano, and percussion

-Commissioned by the Varied Trio

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Adrift in the Wohldorder Wald

-for Guzheng solo

-written for Sun Zhou

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Sich Überflüssig vorzukommen

-violoncello solo

-written for Jonathan Dormand-

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Die Badende

-Commissioned by Mark Dutcher and David Ross for an art salon celebrating Kirchner’s Bathers at Moritzburg

-for alto saxophone, bass clarinet, harp and string trio

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Pentimenti: Nervous Transparency

– Fl. Ob. T.Sax. Perc. Pno. circa 8:15

– Commissioned by the SOUNDscape performance exchange-

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when all is ruin once again

-solo piano. circa 14 minutes

-written for Vladislav Boguinia, 2012-13 [Premier: Brendan White]

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Five Short Narratives for Guitar duet

-Commissioned by Iren and Sofia of leChic GuitarDuet, circa 13:00

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-Fantasia for Piano Trio- circa 6:30

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-solo clarinet 5:00

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For Sevan

-solo cello 6:00

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thoughts disappearing into air

-High male voice, flute, piano 5:30
-text by my mother, Patricia Koester

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