thoughts disappearing into air

thoughts disappearing into air

high male voice, flute, piano

Think of a barren but beautiful winter landscape: Germany. Open fields and forests alike are trapped under a cold blanket of mist. The frozen ground cracks as two lovers walk through the landscape. As they converse, the true meaning of their conversation is left unsaid. These thoughts dance into the grey air, cutting through it. What remains is blistering.

he took her thoughts only
to throw them into the winter’s
wind as it blew through them
on the way to the sea that is
forever impossible to freeze
she took his hand and led him out
frozen grass swallowing words
to a clearing where they spoke of
far-off, unfathomed places
from their minds, still, liquid
this air they took in
with each breath between
words brought down to them
from the same north wind, remembering icebergs
it joined fleetingly with the heat in them
teeming particles of steam rose
they saw thoughts disappearing
back into winter sky as secrets expose
cold bit their lips cruelly
like a jealous lover after that brisk kiss
freezing them, quiet
thoughts inhaled, never to be
leaving lungs burning

Text by Patricia Koester

Recording can be provided upon request.

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