New German Translations Added

Thanks to the talents of Axel Köster, German translations of the biography and composer’s notes for the following pieces have been added:

  • Separate, internal, secluded
  • Gelobt sei der Horizont! Duo
  • Memory Fragments II
  • Simone
  • too much ego.

Author: Tristan Koester

Tristan Xavier Köster (b. 1993) is a Los Angeles born composer currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Working with ensembles and musicians in predominantly acoustic settings, Tristan is inspired by the abstract emotive capabilities of music and its ability to be radically interpreted by performers and listeners alike. Searching to exhibit a new “colloquial” sound in the contemporary classical medium, Tristan thinks of himself as a musician constantly improvising and searching for an unheard, yet intuitive, way to approach an instrument or ensemble.

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