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Tilo Weber x WildeCherotte

Based in Hamburg and Berlin, PEACE AMONG PRIMATES is the creative brainchild of

Tilo Weber (Percussionist/Multi Instrumentalist, Composer Bandleader) &

WildeCherrotte (Stagename of Composer-Perfomer Tristan Xavier Köster)

Mit Mitgliedern (Tristan Xavier Köster: Komponist, Cellist, Produzent / Tilo Weber: Schlagzeuger, Komponist, Multiinstrumentalist / Elizavita Federova: Sounddesignerin, Tonmeisterin, Elektronische Instrumente) verbinden wir die klassische notierte Tradition mit den ephemeren Genres der nicht-notierten Musik. Wir bringen Einflüsse aus extremen Genres wie Modern Jazz, Metal und Tongestaltung ein, um uns außerhalb etablierter musikalischer Formen auszudrücken.

Track 1 off of our upcoming album (Pre-release EP)
Track 2 off of our upcoming album (Pre-release EP)
Track 3 off of our upcoming album (Pre-Release EP)

Wie klingt es, die etablierten Präzedenzfälle von Institutionen zu ignorieren, die die Kunst für möglich hält?

“The first half of the twentieth century was drenched in the blood spilled by German and Japanese aggression, yet only a few decades later it is hard to think of two countries more pacific. Sweden spent the 17th century rampaging through Europe, yet it is now an icon of nurturing tranquility. Humans have invented the small nomadic band and the continental megastate, and have demonstrated a flexibility whereby uprooted descendants of the former can function effectively in the latter. We lack the type of physiology or anatomy that in other mammals determine their mating system, and have come up with societies based on monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry. And we have fashioned some religions in which violent acts are the entrée to paradise and other religions in which the same acts consign one to hell. Is a world of peacefully coexisting human Forest Troops possible? Anyone who says, “No, it is beyond our nature,” knows too little about primates, including ourselves.”