Performances of “AWARE” for Clarinet and Orchestra performed by Roman Gerber, Bar Avni, and the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra

Dear all my beautiful loved ones in Northern California,

I will be briefly making my way back home to the Pacific Ocean!!

Between May 3 and 5th there will be a series of performances of my most recent composition for orchestra and clarinet.  The work, titled “AWARE” will performed by the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra under the baton of  the indomitable Maestro Bar Avni featuring Clarinetist (and cause célèbre) Roman Gerber. Various other  contemporary composers and poets are featured on the program as well.

Information: Click here for a link towards concert tickets and futher info

Part of the Bay Area Book Festival, my work is a collaboration between various organisations around Germany and America featuring poetry by the radical political thinker (and poetic muse) Erich Fried, as well as the Zukunft der Orchester Kultur Projekt, the Bundesbeauftragte für Kultur und Medien (BKM), and the Goethe Institute.  The concert is open and free to the public!

I am unbelievably excited and proud to have a work like this performed in such a hotbed for progressive thought in the U.S.A. Let the emotions flow and the  conversations ensue…

For a visual preview of what you will hear:

AWARE (for clarinet and orchestra) (TEMPORARY LINK TO PERUSAL  SCORE)



Author: Tristan Koester

Tristan Xavier Köster (b. 1993) is a Los Angeles born composer currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Working with ensembles and musicians in predominantly acoustic settings, Tristan is inspired by the abstract emotive capabilities of music and its ability to be radically interpreted by performers and listeners alike. Searching to exhibit a new “colloquial” sound in the contemporary classical medium, Tristan thinks of himself as a musician constantly improvising and searching for an unheard, yet intuitive, way to approach an instrument or ensemble.

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