I am because you are, we are because they were

for orchestra

Commissioned by the Hamburg Hochschule für Musik und Theater & the Hamburg Sinfoniker

Premiered April 13, 2017 under the baton of Maestro Ulrich Windführ

“i am because you are, we are because they were” a piece inspired by spirituality. It is a work displaying my own meditations of oneness through music. Split among three sections, and roughly 12 minutes long, it calls for peace with and compassion for our neighbors.

2017 was a tense year: xenophobia was once more normalized, and artists had to use their position to bring us back together. Art as a whole gives us a community where we can all sit together and simply ponder the nature of man. I fully believe that music allows us a common conscientiousness..

Whenever you go to a concert, you close yourself off from the world as it is, and listen in isolation. This is a beautiful phenomenon, but I challenge you while listening to this piece to bring into that experience a consideration of shortsightedness and egotism in society, and to confront it with love and solidarity.