AWARE (Fantasy for Clarinet and Orchestra) (2018)(2019)
version 1: – perc.1.1. -hp. .
version 2: – -perc 1.1. -pno. -

Too much ego. (2017) - –perc1.4. –pno. –hp. –str.

I am because you are, we are because they were (2016-17) – –perc 1.2. – pno. – hp.–str.

The Empty City Stratagem (2015)* - –perc1.4. –tenor soloist. –hp. –str.
                                 *Winner of the 2016 BMI William Schuman Prize*

Large Chamber (5+ Players)

separate, internal, secluded (2018)     tpt., accord., perc., vla., vc., cb., pno.

Die Badende (2014)     alto sax, bass cl., hp., vln., vla., vc.

Small Chamber (2-4 Players)

Memory Fragments III (im Eifer etwas übersehen)(2018) guitar &  accordion 

Simone (2018)     speaking guitarist, guitar, cello, and cello

Gelobt sei der Horizont! (Duo version) (2017)  violin duet

Memory Fragments II (trying to sing) (2016)  clarinet, cello, and piano

Memory Fragments I (wir sind noch nicht zu spät)(2015) violin, piano, & perc.

Five Short Narratives (2012)     guitar duet

Selbstparodie (2012)     piano, violin, cello

Solo Works

it’s a feeling (2018)   bagatelle for solo piano (works page TBD)

the sea is near me. (2018)   Guitar

Gelobt sei der Horizont! Solo (2017)     violin

PARTITA(trope) (2016)     violin

Adrift in the Wohldorder Wald (2015)     guzheng

Sich überflüssig vorzukommen (2014)     violoncello

when all is ruin once again.(2014)     piano

For Sevan (2010)     violoncello