for solo guitar

Written for Jorge Paz and the Lux Nova Duo


Performer: Jorge Paz Verastegui
Recorded by Ramona Beyer
Guitar: Marius Redeker

I am so happy to share Jorge Paz’s recording of “the sea is near me.”  This composition is one of those rare works whose conception was entirely filled with simplistic  joy. A pensive manifestation of childhood nostalgia, this piece reimagines the beaches and cliffs of Emerald Cove (Palos Verdes) and displays a sense of childlike wonder that ensues while looking over the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Excerpts from the performance note and score

“In the tradition of guitar music, large dense chords with rustling open strings are used quite frequently (ie. Tárrega- Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Berio- Partita XI, Kurtag- Grabstein für Stephan). Utilise the open strings in this tradition, while also inviting the modern guitar pick to the classical guitar’s character. While the techniques of this piece may be of a reduced palette, explore the contrasts of timbres found in the way in which you attack each given chord or note.”

“Be expressive and exaggeratory. Chords should emerge and fade into silence.”

“The silence that this piece interrupts is just as important as the music itself. Play with the guitar’s ability to resonate. The dissonances of the resonating overtones should play a large role into the general pacing of the work. If possible, never purposefully dampen any resonating tones.”

Dylan Koester(the dedicatee), explores a ship wreck in Palos Verdes.
PHOTO for the Daily Breeze BY © AXEL KOESTER, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 4/16/04