Sich überflüssig vorzukommen

for solo violoncello

written for Jonathan Dormand

„Sich überflüssig vorzukommen“ is an aggressive piece for solo violoncello that confronts the feeling of emotional superfluity in the company of others. This piece is intended as the climax of a nonexistent Gesamtkunstwerk. Beginning with an energy border-lining absurdity, it is as if the musician is thrown into an unknown environment, unprepared and furious.

“überflüssig” was originally conceptualized as a fanfare for cello intended to evoke the fierce energy of a large orchestra with heavy brass. The entirety of this majestic instrument is harnessed, drawing out its orchestral command. The aesthetic of this piece combines the virtuosic glory of a cadenza and the unbridled brutality of the Nordic-metal band, Meshuggah. 

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